As our name can give a hint on: we are a group of pals that met through RPGs, and became friends due to their astounding ability to throw impossible fumbles one after another.

We have been playing a total of 50 years between us all, and one of us started barely over a year ago now! 

This extended experience helped us create a huge amount of homemade material to improve and enrich our games, which became indispensable for us. When starting a new campaign, we would automatically assume that our own payment system was in use, or the teleportation guild we had developed, or the new house rules we had devised to improve the games’ immersion, which kept evolving with us.

And then 2020 arrived and with its spring, the Covid Pandemic. Isolated at home, some of us jobless due to the global crisis, we found ourselves with plenty of time in our hands to think. And it was then (maybe thanks precisely to it all) that we realized that this original content, and many other stories and lore that we had been developing together, could be of use to other people. So, with this idea, we decided to jump into our most ambitious project to date: Fumble Pals.

Lorien “The Rainmaker” Andrés (he/him) is the writer and soul of most of the lore in the Fumble Pals universe. 

Self proclaimed tyrant with an actual elven name despite being a dwarf at heart, his hobbies include but are not limited to giving orders, forgiving lives, all things Lord of the Rings and Tolkien related (by all, we mean ALL, not a single one left), Rubik’s cubes, board games, all kinds of literature and watching ants on YouTube. 

Isma “The Loreweaver” Pond (he/him), aka Art-Man, is the Fumble Pals artistic heart and soul. He is in charge of defining our projects final look, illustrating anything and everything he can, and  coordinating any freelancers when the workload is outrageous.

His hobbies include cats, pokemons, sarcasm, Chinese and Thai dramas, and anything as dark as his soul and thoughts.

David “The Collector” Estefanell (he/him) is what IG considers a robot, or an awesome Community Manager. He’s in charge of all our social networks, besides being the responsible one that keeps the rest on track.

His hobbies include minis, Star Wars, painting minis, everything and anything Warhammer, taking pictures of minis, and minis.

Marta “The Wordshifter” Massé (she/her) is Marketing and Translation manager, helps David with our social networks and tries bringing our ideas to fruition by cheering us on. 

Her hobbies range from feeding her cheesecake to as many people as possible to playing Lovecraftian board games with her partner, and taking care of the increasing amount of pets inhabiting her dwellings.