Commented by Hortho Bugtrunk and his Lorekeepers.

Stories inhabit and nurture all and every single civilization in this world and all the others, and it i usual to find compilations and anthologies that try to record their intrinsic orality. The manuscript at hand is a work that my team and I myself have been developing over the last few years, with a great effort invested to try to reach the original source of these tales, through the work of our field agents Marha and Zarzhan. The nexus that binds all these stories together is unknown, as it is an already existing compilation, made by a mysterious creature that presumably left this plane many centuries ago. We know only their name, Dastan, and their profession, makar.

We thoroughly investigated the tales we offer you, and Hamzi magnificently illustrated them, creating a deeply beautiful and no less interesting book. I firmly believe that these stories hide something: a forgotten mystery, a path to be tread. Although we haven’t been able to glimpse what secrets Dastan hid in them. Maybe you, dear reader, have a better luck than us. Are you ready for this unforgettable journey? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you discover anything that may be of interest to me (after a whole life dedicated to studying tales, one is extremely happy when receiving fresh news).


Hortho Bugtrunk

IV Admiral General of the Boros Legion


Welcome to Wrenn’s Guide to the Modern World and its Cities! The largest compendium ever created about fantastic cities, their inhabitants, and everything about them.

Let me introduce myself: my name is Wrenn, and I have been traveling the world for years, compiling information about the most diverse and fantastic cities. From the great hive megalopolis of the southern insectoid societies, beyond the Eternal Volcanoes, to the nomadic villages of merchant goblins. And this, my dearest friend, is the outcome.

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