Fun, freebies and newsletters

We had a lot of doubts about the question: how do we keep people informed and, at the same time, entertained for free? The answer wasn’t an easy one to get to!

The Torttletale, your slow and trustworthy gazette, is the result of many months of discussions. Does it need to be publishing information only? Can it be fun and different? Can it provide our readers with free content for their RPGs?

And most importantly: can we give it a twist and make it also fun for us?

Because, at the end of the day, if we don’t enjoy it, neither will you. Things that are forced and boring, become useless with time. If we are having fun while we prepare it, if we’re engaged and motivated to surprise you, looking forward to the next number that we need to prepare… Well, even if you don’t have our sense of humor, you will be able to feel the care and suffer our bad jokes!

And so The Torttletale was born: a mix of resources, actual real life news about us, fantastical recipes that you can make at home, and other extremely necessary free content that will make you smile and be entertained, for a little bit at least!

And that’s all we, as a publishing company, aim to do: provide you with entertainment, be it publishing books, manuals, board games or sending you a slow and trustworthy gazette that will arrive at your inboxes full of inside jokes, maybe even good ones!

Sign up for it, and let us try!