Fresh starts!

Hi everyone! We’re new here!

And by “here” we mean: the publishing world, the our own website world, and writing a publishing company’s blog!

Because this is OUR OWN publishing project, ladies, gentlemen and everyone in between and outside those social conventions!

We started to work on Fumble Pals at the beginning of last year’s summer. The pandemic gave us (maybe too much)time to think. We brought the illusion and the name first, then reality told us we needed the structure, the proper process and the real tools to make it a thing.

So, here we are, almost a pandemic year later, with the same illusion, at least double the structure, and a proper set of tools!

We have this website (and it will have everything we develop for you to peruse), our social networks are fuming with interaction and information, and we have a beautiful newsletter, The Torttletale, that will give you access to our latest publishing news, actual life updates, real geek recipes (why not? we love eating too!), and stories and games that you are very welcome to use in your RPGs.

We hope we can make you happy, as happy as we are of having embarked on this very personal project.

See you soon! And thank you, thank you very much for reading us!